Our Mission

To deliver an unparalleled guest experience through the combination of our high quality culinary delights, beverages and sports related events in our friendly casual sports bar atmosphere (aka – The B&G).

Our Values

At Matty’s, we believe these core values provide the foundation for our continued success:

* People are our greatest asset. We hire the best talent. We train, motivate and empower them in an environment where everyone has the opportunity to evolve. We unleash their potential and recognize and reward their contributions.
* Hospitality is our passion. We go above and beyond to create loyalty one guest at a time.
* Respect and Caring for our guests and each other, as people diverse in background and perspective, as a team and as members of the communities we serve.
* Philanthropy. Matty’s believes in paying it forward. We are committed to giving back to our schools, youth organizations, neighborhoods and communities – to the people who do good things every day!
* Teamwork. We believe there is no “I” in team. We build on each other’s ideas and talents because we know that together we make better decisions and experience more success.
* Excellence. An unwavering commitment to quality. We constantly raise the bar in all that we do to sustain our competitive advantage.
* Having fun is essential to our success. For our guests and for our team members.