Mexican Street Corn

Colorful and delicious corn with all the right spices and a squeeze of lime.

Homemade Chips & Grandma's French Onion Dip

Fresh potato chips with a side of Jenny’s grandmother’s fabulous chip dip. 

Fried Pickles

Deep-fried pickle chips with a side of homemade ranch.

Cheese Curds

Lightly breaded and deep-fried. Made with fresh Wisconsin white cheddar cheese. Served with a side of buttermilk ranch or chipotle ranch.

Loaded Fries

Matty’s signature fries topped with nacho cheese, bacon, scallions and your choice of meat.

Chicken $8, Pulled Pork $8, Burnt Ends $10
Smoked Jumbo Wings

Slow smoked in house so they’re tender, plump, and juicy. 8 wings for $12. 

Pick your sauce: Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, BBQ, or Mango Habanero. Served with Buttermilk Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing.

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich Basket

Our famous Nashville hot chicken sandwich with coleslaw and dill pickle chips. Served with choice of fries or chips. 

Sassy Pork Sandwich Basket

Slow-smoked pulled pork topped with sassy bbq sauce. Served with choice of fries or chips. 

Burnt Ends Sandwich Basket

Piled high with seasoned, smoked beef brisket. You may need a bib for this one! Served with choice of fries or chips.

Sassy Pork or Burnt Ends Dinner

Generous helpings of smoked beef brisket burnt ends or sassy pulled pork. Served with your choice of two sides. 

Burnt ends $14 / Pulled pork $12
Chicken Tenders Dinner

Our juicy, breaded chicken tenders are served with your choice of two sides. Staff recommends BBQ or Buttermilk Ranch for dipping. 

Loaded Mac & Cheese

Homestyle Mac & cheese piled high with shredded cheddar, bacon, and green onion.

Chicken, Pulled Pork, Hot Dog $9. Burnt ends $12
Chicago Style Hot Dog

A Midwest favorite! Your classic Chicago style dog topped with yellow mustard, onion, pickle relish, dill pickle spear, tomato slices, sport peppers, and celery salt. 

Matty’s Bowl

A staff favorite! Mashed potatoes, topped with popcorn chicken, roasted corn, brown gravy and cheddar cheese. 

Meat Lovers Pizza 

Serves 1-2

Italian sausage, ham, bacon, and pepperoni piled high on this fan favorite!

Margherita Pizza

Serves 1-2

Pesto sauce, mozzarella, sliced tomato and basil drizzled with balsamic glaze

Pickle Pizza

Homemade garlic sauce, dill pickles, mozzarella cheese, and a ranch drizzle 

Kids - Hot Dog

All beef frank with your choice of side

Kids - Chicken Tenders 

Four chicken tenders with your choice of ranch or BBQ dipping sauce and one side. 

Kids - Mac & Cheese 

Homestyle mac and cheese


Fries $2.50

Chips $2.00 

Slaw $1.50

Mac & cheese $2.00

Mashed potatoes $2.00